Brilliant Ten & Salon Fashion Artwork Changes

Here at Derma V10 HQ we understand that, from time to time, our customers want to change their look and to be honest we not only embrace this, we want to encourage you lovely lot to do just that! Well…. We aren’t much different and as a result our fabulous graphic designers have been working tirelessly to create a new look for not only our Derma V10 Brilliant Ten Range but our Derma V10 Salon Fashion Range too! As all our Derma V10 customers are very important to us, we wanted to make you all aware of the new designs before they hit the shelves – we wouldn’t want you to miss us! We hope you love them as much as we do! (P.s. Don’t worry …. it’s only the packaging that’s changed – no need to change a product that’s already brilliant? Right?!)

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