Our Promises

We promise to protect animals

We are completely against the use of animals in testing products or ingredients for cosmetics and since 2009 we have worked with our suppliers to ensure that ingredients used in cosmetics have not been tested on animals. Product safety however is important so we may use existing natural or synthetic ingredients, compounds and substances, which have been tested on animals before 2009

NB:A small number of our cosmetic products may contain ingredients such as collagen which is animal derived.

We promise to use recyclable packaging wherever possible

We love our planet and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Our warehouses use techniques to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles on the road and we are committed to using recyclable packaging and finding ways to reduce the amount of packaging we use.

We promise to always use ingredients you can trust

We avoid using novel ingredients or combinations of ingredients that have not been fully tested and may not be safe. We keep a close eye on what trends are emerging across the globe to make sure our products are always at the forefront of the latest technologies. We maximise the use of natural ingredients in our products.

We promise to provide quality products

We don’t cut corners. All of our products are put through vigorous testing procedures and are not released to shops until all tests have been passed.

We promise to focus on value

We all like to look good. We don’t all have lots of money to spend on skin and haircare products. That’s why at Derma V10 we don’t pay for celebrity endorsements or big advertising campaigns, which means we can keep our prices low and pass on all our savings to you.

Derma V10 is part of Healthpoint Ltd, which is celebrating 20 years supplying health and beauty products to the retail sector.


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