White Label Products

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Private Label

Healthpointhas been offering own label and private brand solutions to companies worldwide for a number of years.

Our strong manufacturer relationships have been built over time and enable us to secure the very best prices for all your own-brand label retail requirementswhether it be ‘off the shelf’ products or specially blended formulations to your own specifications.

Whatever your requirements we can provide a wide range of innovative products in all manner of tubes, jars and bottles from small to large production runs. This is all backed up with full supply chain management, stability testing and technical support.

Benefits of private label

Lower price points and value for money for the consumer.

Higher marginsfor you

Offers you differentiation in the marketplace, building customer loyalty

Allows you greater control over product pricing, distribution and market positioning

Leads to opportunities for growth in developing and emerging markets

How we work

For a truly unique and customised proposition, our product development team will work in partnership with you to create private label products that match your business model and budget. The journey to bring your product to life starts here…

Bespoke branding

Need a brand to match your product? We’ll help you take ownership of your unique product by working with you to create a distinct identity. Our creative team will work with you to come up with a unique brand proposition and create bespoke packaging that will stand out from the crowd. Or we can work within your set brand guidelines.

Tailoring for your customer

Understanding your customer is essential. Your personal account management team will carry out an in-depth consultation with you to understand your commercial targets and business requirements.

Once we fully understand your business, our skilled team will work with you to tailor the right formulation to match your consumer profile.

Ongoing support

Our support doesn’t end when your product leaves the factory. Our account management team is tasked with keeping your range ahead of the curve and ensuring it delivers commercially for your business. This includes regular visits to offer support and advice.

With quality control at the top of our priorities, we’ll regularly sit down and review your formula and suggest any adjustments to make it even better.

We can offer an optional mystery shopper programme and customer satisfaction assessments to keep you in touch with your customer’s views and help you deliver a top-quality offer with the best possible service.

All this will ensure you get the best results from your bespoke and unique brand proposition.

If you would like to talk more about Private Label and what we can offer, call 01253 508 509, email us attrade@healthpointltd.co.uk or fill in our contact form below and we’ll contact you.


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